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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

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May 16, 2022

Can Virtual Reality (VR) technology be used to tap into your body´s innate healing abilities? Parker Howell is a revolutionary designer of VR technology who has helped a close mutual friend with stroke damage regain function in his right arm with VR-aided visualisation and movement. And more. Here we discuss using this technology to tap into your body´s own healing abilities. We reference the work of Dr Joe Dispenza and making healing, fun. This is fascinating!   Show Notes  2 mins - Parker´s intro to Virtual Reality. Dancing with the Stars. Jennifer Lopez, other celebs

5 - A little intro into creation of powerful technology

7 - “Hacking human consciousness” - Intro on VR. 

8 - Creating experiences such as the human heartbeat 

9 -  Replicating a DREAM - getting into a dream-like space 

10 - The metaverse - impact it’s going to have on the world, can it be used for good?

11 - We are already entering the meta verse 

12 - Balance between Nature and Tech. Parker´s rule of living in LA.  

13 - Pandemic Hits and limbo of uncertainty, how to use this time..

15 - Kundalini Visualisation with Healing Light 

16 - Oculus Quest headset, seeing energy coming through your finger tips 

17 - Working on healing and going into your body. Connecting with visual and audio stimuli, adding laters of code. Augmenting ability to heal. Putting it all together. 

18 - Hand tracking creation - enter Sean Entin, firing his naysayers, becoming the “Stroke Hacker”  

19 - “I’ve not looked at my hand in over a decade - can we get my mobility back?”

20 - Step 1. Believe you can. Step 2: do the work. 

21 - Parker researched strokes and sat Sean down to begin the work. 

22 - Recreating non-working arm from working arm motion 

23 - Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) - creating all of the senses - Cosmic Looking Glass - Neural Plasticity Trainer 

24 - Sean: “You’re never going to believe what happened.” Bench pressing from a paralysed arm! 

25 - Building from pre-existing tech. Correlation with Dr Joe Dispenza. 

26 - Visualising the spine recreating - Dr Joe Dispenza - teaching others to do the same. “Through visualisation we can heal ourselves.” 

27 - Recreating “the feeling is the prayer” - feeling it, believing it, knowing it is already done. 

28 - VR - What’s always the low hanging fruit? What´s the future of this tech? Not replacing healers - rather, extending their reach. 

29 - Metaverse can work alongside Nature

30 - Habit creation. 10 mins in the morning. 10 mins at night. 

31 - “There is nothing more powerful than the human body”

32 - Training the muscle - we are not taught to visualise in school! 

33 - It´s important for people to know what their hardware. Most people are disconnected from their body- we are truly powerful beings   

34 - Carl Jung - The Red Book

35 - Lucid Dreaming 

36 - Relating to the world in a very different way, through VR - conjuring up a Lucid dream in waking life. 

37 - VR beings a perfect lab to hack into our consciousness / tapping into the healing process. Getting back into the driving seat. 

39 - Circling back to Nature and using Tech in the real world. 

40 - Making healing fun. Making the human body fun. 

41 - Multitasking and task switching. Getting out out of the pinball machine. 

42 - 12 minute experience. Cosmic Looking Glass. Don’t do it more than 20 mins. 

43 - Blue light protection discussion - (I checked, they’re available online) 

46 - First step: Belief. People must have the belief, and desire to heal, and have the knowing that the body can heal itself. 

47 - The science of epigenetics and a harmonious environment - making this fun 

48 - A reference to Wim Hof breathwork daily, making this fun. Heart & Brain coherence. Starting the day off on a high.

49 - More examples of visualisations like blood flow. Commanding our cells. Visualising all organs functioning optimally. 

50 - Utilising the senses with VR. What’s the most fun way to get people into light cardio? Breathwork, yoga, making it fun… combo with VR.

51 -  Mental Rehearsal - practicing playing the piano example & working out in the gym - Dr Joe Dispenza 

52 - Reference to body building - neurological signals through process to build muscle. Exercise is the process to stimulate the chemical process to create muscle mass. Can this be “hacked?” 

53 - Reference to The Iceman - “my body is my laboratory”  

54 - Parker´s ASK / request - how to scale? Does anyone know anyone who can help him to scale? 

54 - Parker´s #1 Vitality Secret

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