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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

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Jan 29, 2019

Founder Of Primal Play and the author of 3 books; Paleo From A-Z, Paleo Fitness & Animal Moves, Darryl Edwards, delivers a sterling explanation of how movement is key for optimum health and why. From sickness to vitality, Darryl's own story is inspirational and he shares how to make movement FUN as a Movement Coach. This is superb! 


2.30 – Background in tech & investment banking

3.30 – Annual health check revealed type-2 diabetes, increased risk of heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension

4.00 – Recommendation from doc was a cocktail of drugs; Metformin for type-2 diabetes, a statin, beta blockers, powerful pain killers for back pain

5.00 – He knew there would be a multitude of side effects & he’d be on them long-term – maybe the rest of his life

6.00 – Read that exercise reduces blood pressure / blood sugars / blood glucose – and knew he was mostly sedentary

7.00 – Within weeks of movement he saw improvements in blood tests. A few months later, everything was normalised. No need for meds. Became an evangelist for exercise.

8.00 – Gateway to interest in food / sleep / reduction of stress

9.00 – Movement is what he was passionate about – Why he is known as the 'Fitness Explorer'

10.00 – Realised he was getting bored going to the gym / getting injured – “honeymoon period was over”

11.00 – Refocused on the joy of movement 

13.00 – Nowadays, there is little requirement for us to move to survive – wanted to recapture it and make it fun to seek joy

14.00 – Primal Play & Movement Coach 

15.00 – Becoming more human

16.00 – We have access to more ways to move than ever before, lots of spectator sports, less DOING

17.00 – There is a perception that it is difficult to do

18.00 – You can outsource food preparation / ready meals etc.

19.00 – You can’t outsource exercise

20.00 – We’re designed to conserve energy and are hardwired for convenience/ease. This is a problem!  

21.00 – You can’t out eat a sedentary life

22.00 – Body requires activity and energy to repair and replenish. It requires activity for motility in the gut

23.00 – Movement outdoors increased benefits, & Vitamin D

24.00 - Terrain makes your body more adaptable / musculoskeletal system is working harder, so more calories burned. Thermoregulation.

25.00 – Benefit of being out in nature & colour green

26.00 – Movement facilitates so many bodily functions.

27.00 – Impact of movement on gut health

28.00 – Microbiome Diversity – direct relationship between fitness and gut health & peak V02 MAX – ability to use oxygen to fuel workout.

29.00 – Rugby players – controlled diet – looked at fittest in the squad to measure gut health – 20% of improvement in biodiversity 

30.00 – A highly oxygenated state in the body means a healthy gut and body

31.00 – Movement reduces Chronic inflammation (incredible) #TheVitalitySecret – reduces risk of all chronic disease – physical mortality. Nothing else provides as much benefit as physical activity.

32.00 – NC comment – 95 per cent of all illness & disease is attributable to the environment in the body. The number 1 reason for all chronic disease is under oxygenation of cells.

33.00 – Cell fuels & oxygen – all functions in the body require movement

34.00 – Muscle tissue is now recognised as largest endocrine organ in the body. [NC - they're also battery packs!]

36.00 – The difference between carb restriction and true reversal of type-2 diabetes / control blood glucose

38.00 – Complete metabolic flexibility is true reversal – not just restriction of carbs / ketogenic diet. 

39.00 – No insulin is required to deposit blood sugar from blood into muscles

40.00 – Movement is necessary for complete, and true, reversal

41.00 – His own story means he has full metabolic flexibility

42.00 – True definition of health & wellbeing

44.00 – Sleep quality and hygiene impact on blood glucose

46.00 – World population examination

48.00 – Statistics on guidelines – understatement of what is really necessary

52.00 – Research tells us 30% meet minimum requirement. Actual stats say 5% are reaching it. 

53.00 – Our body requires different intensities to be truly healthy

54.00 – Ideas to incorporate movement into your office job

56.00 – Being Human. Find something you enjoy & love & move. 

57.00 – Be generalist vs specialist

58.00 – Model and mimic our ancestors vs importance of the chair

59.00 – NC: “The chair is the worst invention ever for our backs”

60.00 – The “Joey Chair”

62.00 – TEDx talk: “Why Working Out Is Not Working out”

64.00 – The majority of people will queue for the escalators – get moving!!

65.00 - Food or movement most important?

66.00 – Website reference:

67.00 – BDNF & Neurogenesis (new brain cells) & neuroplasticity (ability to learn and remember)

68.00 – Reduces depression / likelihood of dementia & so much more

69.00 – Darryl’s Number 1 Vitality Secret

Find Darryl here and his books and resources: 

Being Human. Find something you enjoy & love & move. (

Paleo From A to Z

Paleo Fitness

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