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Aug 2, 2019

Due to the latest rollout of 5G without any biological safety testing carried out by the telecoms industry, and with no statutory safety limits in the UK, only 'guidelines' which are outdated and unsafe, I felt it was necessary to join the movement in halting 5G - until it has been proven safe at least (which will never happen). Thousands of peer-reviewed studies from hundreds of scientists have proven behind doubt its dangers, yet this is ignored by telecoms companies and government - until now. There has been a dangerous race to market with little to no consideration of our health. The government is starting to listen as scientists and the public are campaigning throughout England, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA to bring this to a halt, and fast. The more information we can get out there, the faster we can bring this dangerous experiment on humanity to a close.

Here, Tim Sandars, founder of Omnia Balance explains what happens to our cells when exposed to mobile phone radiation and how we can protect ourselves. Please refer to the video at for the visual demonstration to which Tim Sandars is referring. 


1 – Welcome & reference to Dr Erica Mallory-Blythe & Dr Martin Pal. We are electrical beings, vibrational beings, first and foremost. 

3 – We have unbalanced EMF frequency reaching our cells – energetic antenna. The institute of Heart Math demonstrate the body's electromagnetic field. 

4 – Our cells are electrical current themselves – we react to sunlight / music - and also low vibration / imbalanced radiation

5 - Our bodies react to wireless radiation – 6,000 peer-reviewed studies prove non-thermal effects

6 – The science from Dr Martin Pall clearly demonstrates that our cells are excited by EMFs. This is a biological representation, Tim wanted to find out 'why' this is happening

7 - VGCC – Voltage Gated Calcium Channels

8 – What happens to cells when exposed to a smart meter. We are walking around as electrical antennae. When we absorb that energy, our bodies are dealing with that as a stress

9 – We are in the same frequency band as those frequencies coming towards us. Guitar example. Our bodies resonate with the frequencies…

10 – It is not all to do with heat – it’s about the quality of the radiation field. If it’s from the sun, it’s balanced. Man-made EMFs are not balanced

11 – Slide show and visuals: WHY do human cells react to microwave radiation fields from wireless devices? Looking at things from a vibrational and resonant perspective

12 – Cells demonstrated before and after exposure. 

13 – Full videos seen with 5 minutes before and after exposure and with Omnia Radiation balancer on his website

14 – Blood cells under microscope appear as ‘Doughnuts of light’ Inside the centre is the zero point field – geometrically in centre of whole doughnut. This shape is extremely important for our health. This balance is compromised by radiation field

15 – If something that is balanced and is met by imbalance, it becomes imbalanced – on a vibrational level. Previous slide shows what happens to cells. 

16 – The cells make themselves and discharge themselves in the zero point field – to discharge into the ether

18 – When you look at the top of a radiation field. Zero point is seen in the slide. The energy field starts to move around.

19 – When a radiation field moves around, that is not balanced, it shows how the cell is changed when exposed to man-made, imbalanced EMFs

20 – Net effect of this is blood sample – centred shape to imbalanced and compromised, shapeless form of “Reuleaux” Syndrome. This is a precursor to health complications of stress. Blood cells can’t move through capillaries as they normally can.   

22 – Reference to cell & DNA damage – Live video (if you’re listening, please refer to video)

23 – Live video of cells when exposed to Smart meter

24 – This was a mirror of what Tim found when he analysed his own blood cells when exposed to cell phone radiation

25 – As soon as we can understand what happens to the body at the cellular level, we can become clear on how this affects the rest of our body

26 – Radiation is about proximity, strength of signal & exposure 

27 – Resilience – and his own brand, tested on his own blood. Omnia Balance. 

28 – Vibration, frequency and the Rife Method

29 – Water and crystals when exposed to different frequencies

30 – Water absorbs more radiation – children and women have a higher density of water

31 – Tim describes the testing of Omnia with water exposed to radiation. Is the water in the body structured in balanced or full of toxins?

32 – Dr Jerry Tennant – 4 battery packs: muscles, cell membrane, mitochondria and DNA

33 – Serious discussion on fertility, sperm & reproduction 

34 – We need to wake up, be active, take control of our own vibration

35 – Gratitude for Tim’s work –

36 – We are electrical beings – everything is electricity - how do we get this in front of the right people, from a place of love?

37 – Thoughts on miseducation / incorrect information

38 – Discussion on reports / peer-reviewed studies: “there has never been a time in medical research when there this many studies have come to the same conclusion and got it wrong.”

39 – Today we have provided information. Does person X at the top of Big Corporation X really want their young children sat with laptops next to their genitals?

40 – Can a solution be found that is harmony with our vibration?

41 – Shining a light on what is clearly unconscious and corrupt to initiate change - is 5G an awakening of sorts? 

42 – You don’t need to be a rocket science to look at what happens to cells to decided that it’s a bad idea

43 – How do we approach this without blame? Instead, with proactivity, common sense, and clear ways forward? E.g wire up. Turn things off. Protect our schools!!!! Protect our children.

44 – Finding a solution that works for you to protect yourself – check out

45 – When we act, say loudly that this is not ok, write to local authorities, electro hyposensitivity, story about mother with EHS

See the full interview with visuals:

Tim's company: Omnia Balance