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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

Ignite Your Inner Healer at

Dec 2, 2018

Andrea Frank Henkhart is the author of 9 books in health and wellness and speaker. She has shared the stage with the likes of Jack Canfield and Tony Robbins and one of her books is endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. She is also a nutritionist with 35 years experience. Andrea has a particular interest in ADHD...

Ep 22 Healing Your Body Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - With Dr Scott Sherr

Sep 14, 2018

Oxygen is our #1 life fuel. It's our #1 cell fuel so it is therefore not so surprising how effective hyperbaric oxygen therapy is in healing the body of just about every chronic health challenge or symptom. Dr Scott Sherr is an Internal Medicine Doctor and what he shares here is quite incredible. We discuss healing...

Apr 16, 2018


Founder of and TEDx speaker, Michael Cordova explains the benefits of Floating in sensory-deprivation tanks with epsom salts. This cutting-edge "biohack" is superb in calming the mind, alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation, injury recovery, for tapping into your...

Jan 8, 2018

Kristin explains her remarkable journey of exploration into a number of different dietary approaches to heal her Lyme Disease which she was first diagnosed with in her teens. After a number of misdiagnoses, she realised that she finally discovered what she was battling with. This led her to a path of discovery and a...