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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

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May 27, 2022

This is a fascinating discussion with Terry Tillman as he reveals how he went from being paralysed to walking again against all odds, using visualisation. He used the same technique to regain his eyesight and at 79 does not wear glasses. He has been implementing teachings such as those by Dr Joe Dispenza, with no prior knowledge of his work. Terry knew intuitively that he could heal himself.  SHOW NOTES

Video (edited due to censoring) can be found here:

2mins - a “recovered business man” 

The trappings of success, houses, cars, football seats, inside was bankcrupt 

4 - Paralysis, healing old wounds

5 - Terry’s intuitive knowing - “Nothing special about me, I just did it”

6 - “The doctor said one thing and I knew it wasn’t true”. Experience in large groups of people. 

7 - The “human potential" movement. 

8 - Worked with psychologists, experimentation, testing, finding things that worked. 

10 - Description of back injury, not able to move his legs. Wheel chair for 6 months. Orthopaedic surgeon after X-rays and ultrasound and other tests: “You’re not going to walk again”. Second opinion said something similar and advised surgery. “My only thought was, well, you can’t help me.” 

11 - Previous experience with healing his own body, avoiding surgery. “I knew I wasn’t going to take drugs.”

12 - In terrible pain, with no drugs. “The pain has a message. If I shoot the messenger, I won’t get the message.”

14 - Reference to cancer and making peace with the tumour. “I did things to relieve the pain, I just didn’t want to take drugs.”

15 - “Visualise Packmen eating up cancerous cells” - 86% remission rate. 

16 - If you create it, you can uncreate it. We were taught a pain process…talking to the pain. “A headache is not caused by lack of Aspirin in the system” - first time I did this, my headache went away. 

17 - Silva Mind Control - The Silva Method. “The main thing I have used to heal myself.” NLP. Getting to know the founder of NLP. 

18 The Sanctuary - getting into the alpha state to visualise. 

20 -  The science is interesting - and it’s always changing. 

22 - One of my main takeaways at Stanford - a HUGE emphasis on Critical Thinking. 

23 - Talking Us Through The Visualisation - (See Podcast 48 as well for Visualisation with VR.) I spent a year plus research, finding anecdotal evidence, all approaches to healing. Met some great practitioners and healers and sampled everything. Learned about how diet affects the system. Energetics. 

24 - “I knew the body knew how to heal itself.” It also repairs stronger. 

25 - “I grew up thinking women were intuitive, men aren’t” - we know there is more intelligence in heart and gut than brain. Reference to Heartmath institute. This is what I did without knowing what I was doing. 

26 - “More of a stage than an age” - 79 years old.

28 The history of the AMA, Carnegie & Rockefeller, Flexner Report

29 - "Energy follows thought. Manifestation follows energy.” We can direct that energy. The main thing I do to heal is direct that energy. Fear is focusing on a made up outcome. It is not real. The source of it is not real. False Evidence Appearing Real. 

32 - “A Characteristic of all illness is low voltage to an organ” 

34 - “You have to dig, past the mainstream news” 

35 - Why didn’t MSM pick up on the biggest story in March?

36 - I was teaching meditation to my business clients 35 years ago. I called it a stress reduction technique. 

44 - Challenging the status Quo.

45 - Processes, tactics, strategy. The main thing is the belief and the intention. “I always ask two questions” - 1) do you want to do it? 2) do you think it’s possible? There must be a clear yes. And if there is an unconscious block, we have to remove it. 

46 - Unless the yes is clear, we do not move on. “Eye glasses to me are an easy one” Books have been written about regaining eyesight, so it’s more believable. 

47 - You must believe it’s possible. 

49 - Using kinesiology to determine whether the person is aligned. First ensuring alignment, then getting to work. “We first work with beliefs.” 

50 -  Beliefs are not necessarily true and you can change your beliefs. 

51 - Being open to the process. It´s a waste of time to go further, without that belief work first. 

52 - Discussing The Placebo Effect. “You see through your belief system. (Not the other way around, as we have all been told.)”

53 - Beliefs are powerful. Getting a yes first. Cancer is a symptom. I treat it all as a symptom.  

54 - Eyesight example. Finding out where it started. “What didnt´t you want to see? Who didn’t you want to see you?”

What´s the positive benefit of having cancer? Or being paralysed? 

55 - Finding the positive benefit (weird to say), find alternatives. “Even being paralysed there is a positive benefit to that”

57 - Seeking pleasure, avoiding pain. 

58 - Cause versus catalyst. Running on hard ground example. Finding the cause is not what most people thing. What is the source of the dis-ease? 

59 - “I have seen quadriplegics step out of a wheel chair and take steps as soon as we get to their beliefs.”

60 - I dropped everything. I stopped everything.  

61 - What led to the block and the energy flow? 

62 - Find the cause. Discussion of consciousness. Levels: Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric (unconscious), Soul (connection to higher realm). If I can connect with the Soul…anything is possible. There is a hierarchy. 


64 - Start with Physical, then The Sanctuary (imagination, alpha state, techniques) - primary thing that healed a severed nerve. 

65 - Discussing Visualisation of spine. Chiropractor had skeleton in his office. “Show me what is wrong with my spine”

66 - Different ways to focus with “sub- modalities” - visualisation technique. 

68 - Combining this with physical, diet, exercise…

69 - Dr Joe Dispenza reference. Visualisation of spine repairing. Terry did something very similar. 

1.11 - “I didn’t need the science” - the power of anecdotal evidence - just as valuable, if not more. 

1.16 - Revealing the results of a stress in his life releasing him. WHEN YOU GET THE CAUSE AND CLEAR IT, IT CAN BE THAT FAST

1.17 - Understanding the energetic cause before the physical.  

1.18 - A quick visualisation exercise 

1.19 - Just because we don’t see it, does not mean it is not true. 

1.20 - Look at how polarising the current situation is. 

1.21 - Biggest tip: Know it’s possible. Then find people to support your journey. People can assist. The answers are inside, not outside. 

1.22 - Can Terry help? He works with people of Influence - they can then have an impact. 

1.25 - Email

1.27 - Terry’s #1 Vitality Secret

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