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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

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Dec 17, 2020

Kurtis Lee Thomas is the Founder of Breathwork Detox, the #1 international best-selling author of the book, The World Is Yours, The Awakening – The Secrets behind “The Secret”.  Also a world-class keynote speaker and corporate mindfulness trainer. Kurtis has dedicated his career to awakening the best in people by raising consciousness and productivity in the workplace.

Breathwork is becoming more widely known and accepted as a powerful way to heal the body for a number of reasons and here, Kurtis explains how this is done. Discover the role of DMT in the body, and how breath work can help to secret this in the lungs. 

Kurtis has spoken at the largest consciousness expositions in the world, some of the top colleges in the country, multiple fortune 500 companies, and some of the world’s most prestigious casinos such as Foxwoods Resort and MGM Grand Casino. He’s been seen in photos with celebrities such as Beyonce, Oprah, Kayne West, Tony Robbins, Jessica Alba, Deepak Chopra, Sir Richard Branson, Snoop Dogg, and Steve Forbes – the founder of Forbes Magazine. Also a celebrity mindfulness mentor who has dedicated his career to the powerful communion of mind, body, and spiritual healing in the workplace.


2 min – Kurtis´ background

3.0 An awakening in 2011.

4.0 Personal health problems 

5.0 Treating himself like he had cancer, desperately seeking an answer / diagnosis

6.0 Why Kurtis shifted his attention to the world of energy. 

8.0 Results in breathwork are immediate and undeniable. Combined hypnotherapy, NLP, and other disciplines in one event

9.0 What is Breathwork? Explaining the experience is virtually impossible. 

11 Trauma of a fright / shock gets stored in the nervous system 

12.0 Woody Harrelson´s quote: I don´t get mad, I grow a tumour. 

13.0  It doesn´t matter how many natural physical approaches we do, if we don´t release the trauma, we´re missing a trick.

16.0 One of the main reasons we sabotage our manifestations

17.0 The role of emotional baggage, its role in the physical body

18.0 Clearing the runway analogy. 

20.0 The release of emotions with breathwork – and other forms of traumatic release

22.0 The importance of releasing unresolved trauma is to not continue to get what we don´t want

23.0 DMT You´re either going to push through discomfort or move away. 

24.0 Unconditional Love. Feeling connected. Trance states and DMT.

25.0 How is breathing doing all of this stuff?

27.0 Downloads & Mental Clarity

28.0 Sound bite – “If you want to have an orgasm like Neil, keep breathing…” Kundalini.

30.0 Comparisons of kundalini experience between ayahuasca and breathwork

31.0 Meditation vs. Breathwork – the people who are most busy, need meditation the most.

35.0 Flow State. Quantum Field.

36.0 Holotropic Breathwork comparison

41.0 People don´t need to know anything about moon cycles or astrology, just know that Kurtis is doing everything in his power to ensure people get the best in their experience.

42.0 Breathwork as a wonderful healing modality. 

44.0 People need this tool more than ever. People are escaping to drugs. To alcohol. They´re escaping reality – not addicted to drugs. Stress. Anxiety. Depression. Breathwork is the reboot.

45.0 Kurtis´#1 Vitality Secret.