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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

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Mar 9, 2020

Andrea Harrison is a Clinical Counselor and specialises in helping people bring balance back into their lives by addressing underlying trauma. She has realised that many people suffer from illness or dis-ease because they have traumas that have not been processed or alleviated from the body. Trauma or trapped emotions get stored in the body and can prevent it from functioning effectively. Andrea discusses how she does this with her clients.


3.0 - Andrea’s background and how, previously, she noticed clients would get better, and then become sick again, because they had unresolved trauma

4.0 – The trauma piece was still unknown. Mind body attunement therapy

5.0 – Trauma sits in cells of the body, and until it’s released, it shows up in different ways. Andrea had chronic illness for years and years.

6.0 – Most people live day to day in deregulation, whether they’ve had major trauma or not. She had to do through the protocol herself to become regulated.

8.0 – We’ve all experienced trauma

11 – An example of stored trauma and women with reproductive health challenges

12 – Pain, neck pain, stomach issues

13 – Symptoms and stored memories

14 – Difference between talk therapy and somatic therapy

15 – Traditional talk therapy can lead to the movement of the trauma from the brain into the body

16 – How trauma is stored energetically in the body – an example. Activating the body’s natural healing abilities

17 – How much energy is the brain having to put towards the suppression of trauma? 

18 – Chronic fatigue and chronic pain – the body is working so hard to suppress. PTSD

19 – Mind Body Attunement Therapy

20 – Laughing / yawning / crying / tears – all ways to release the energy.

21 – Breathwork – trauma release – other forms of release

22 – Trauma is different for everyone. We all perceive things differently

24 – Andrea’s own results through doing this work

26 – Fight, flight or freeze. Reaction to events – typical symptoms

27 – Andrea’s #1 Vitality Secret

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