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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

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Nov 21, 2017

Krisstina explains her journey from suffering severe metal toxicity and being close to death, to healing herself when she met the right person. After months of frustration of going from one doctor to the next, she finally came across a functional medical doctor who diagnosed her condition after 3 hours. This led to her developing a fascination and obsession with what true health is and means. A month prior to this interview, her father was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer, and was given a 3 months to live diagnosis.

Refusing to accept the oncologist’s advice, she decided to get fully educated on what cancer really is. This is not the conventional understanding, nor what the media and oncologists and doctors present it as.

This will really help you understand what creates cancer in the body, so you can become fascinated in it, and learn how to heal your own body and/or share with those you love.


1.40 – How Krisstina went from the top of her career in Real Estate, within a few hours of the keynote speech she was so sick she couldn’t get out of bed

3.40 – How She was slowly dying going from doctor to doctor. Chronic Insomnia.

4.00 – Came across a functional medicine doctor and everything changed. She was asked if she'd had any dental work done

4.50 – Mercury Poisoning - Heavy metal toxicity off the charts

6.25 – She realised she had not had the dental work done using the correct procedure [a traditional dentist will NOT be able to do this normally]


8.45 – She realised she used and abused her body, shooting for financial and entrepreneurial success. Her body was slowly breaking down

9.25 – “Traded her health for wealth”

10.00 – All the money in the world doesn’t mean anything unless you have your health

10.20 – Your body is your No.1 asset

11.20 – It took $250K to pay for her care

12.00 – This sparked her dedication to health wealth

13.00 – It doesn’t matter how successful you are financially if you lose your health. You’ll give away your last dollar to get better again

14.00 – Most people do not look after their health UNTIL THERE IS A CRISIS!!!

14.50 – Krisstina found out what cancer really is. Not what the media says it is. Not what oncologists say it is. Not what doctors say it is.

15.30 – Introducing the story of her father who was in pain but they thought he was perfectly healthy

16.30 – Oncologist would not look at her father in the eye.

17.00 – The shattering news that was given by her SURGICAL oncologist - to amputate his leg. 

19.15 – How she called her friends in the functional medicine field and was told not to be ridiculous and to seek a second opinion.

19.55 – The Nocebo Effect. Why the 3 month diagnosis is a death sentence in itself

21.30 – What right does the oncologist have to give this kind of diagnosis?

22.00 – Her father was not sick the day she went in, and was sick the day he came out. He started to plan for his death – because that’s what he was told. 2nd opinion was radically different.

23.50 – Her father would not have a leg now, had they listened to their oncologist. He would have lost his dignity.

25.20 – Essential for everyone to know why doctors are not trained in nutrition or to heal. Once we know this, it empowers us to take our health into our own hands

26.50 – “It’s not my doctors’ job to save me, it’s my job to heal me.”

28.00 – Book recommended: “Tripping Over The Truth.”

“Cancer As A Metabolic Disease.”

“Fat For Fuel”

29.40 – Krisstina has learned a very alternative belief about cancer

30.00 – 2 belief systems about cancer. 1) Chemo / radio / surgery – based on cancer as a genetic disease. It's as if we’re screwed. It’s in your DNA or not. It’s the luck of the draw – and we have no control over it. As a result, food doesn’t matter, lifestyle doesn’t matter, and people just get cancer if they’re unlucky enough to get it. Essentially it’s bad luck.

31.25 – How one of the most reputable newspapers, THE GUARDIAN, wrote the most horrific article about cancer. (You can find this on

33.30 – Belief System 2: Cancer is a METABOLIC disease. (Metabolism is how we convert food to energy.)

34.30 – Metabolic disease means metabolism is broken. It’s only food that actually really matters. Macros and micros are what our body uses to convert food to energy

25.00 – Then sleep, environment, stress / psychology etc is part of the equation

35.30 – Mitochondria (energy part / battery of cells) breaks down due to lifestyle choices

36.00 – Nuclear DNA turns on the back up system due to too many mitochondria being compromised.

37.00 – Cancer's primary Fuel

37.30 – The fuel the rest of our cells can fuel off, but cancer cannot 

37.55 – Epigenetic response turns on production of cancer cells [to protect the body!!]

39.00 – As a metabolic disease, food matters. Lifestyle matters.

40.00 – The “food” that the oncology department handed out to cancer patients.

40.30 - Conflicting advice between her father’s doctor and Krisstina. [His doctor gave THE WORST advice] 

41.20 – Father chooses to listen to the doctor – as he trusts the doctor over her

42.20 – How she could not find one case when chemo saved / prolonged the life of anyone with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. She found hundreds of examples of cases or lives saved / lengthened when adopting natural methods

43.50 – Discovery of cannabis butter and how it helped her father

45.50 – 3 natural methods to fight Stage 4 Lung Cancer

46.40 – The Most Powerful Plant On Earth AND it’s been banned

47.00 – Zero pain, no amputation

47.45 – Conventional doctors do have good intentions


49.30 – How doctors are required to only recommend current standard of care [Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and/or surgery]

49.30 – Doctors stand to lose their licence if they do not follow guidelines

50.00 – Primary diet to starve cancer cells to death

52.30 – Cancer cells do not like oxygen

53.00 – Cancer cells have 15 times the number of insulin receptors as normal cells

53.40 – PET scan – cancer cells gobble up the radioactive GLUCOSE (sugar) compound

54.30 – The role of epigenetics in cancer and chronic disease

56.00 – lifestyle / food choices / environment can turn on or off a genetic predisposition to getting a certain disease

58.00 – We have a choice. There is a cause and effect. [WE MUST GET EDUCATED]

59.45 – We get to choose whether we live in a disease state or a clean body

60.00 – We take our health into our own hands.

61.30 – Her top pieces of advice. TAKE CONTROL. Get more than one opinion and do your research.

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