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Welcome to The Vitality Secret Podcast. I am Neil Cannon, author of The Vitality Secret, certified fitness nutrition specialist, health coach and creator of an award-winning online program. Listen to inspiring interviews with people who have reversed “incurable diseases.” Each person shares their journey of determination and curiosity, which ultimately prepared them for a far better life beyond survival…one rich in vitality. 

You’ll also hear from some of the world’s leading pioneers in holistic health.

Ignite Your Inner Healer at

Jul 19, 2019

This is an unusual episode, in that I decided to record one of my own webinars entitled Ignite Your Inner Healer. There are many reasons behind why we don't know all of this information, and you're about to find out. 
Are you suffering from an ongoing illness, unnecessarily
If you've been a subscriber of mine...

Jul 5, 2019

In this episode of The Vitality Secret Podcast, friend and anti-ageing expert and enthusiast, Nic Burns, shares how she reversed Lupus. This is loaded with content, covering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pillars of Vitality. 


2.0 - Pain developed was as young as 3, “winter pains”

3.0 –...

May 24, 2019

I met 78 year-old Charlie at a world-class windsurfing and kite surfing destination in Brazil. Charlie is an avid windsurfer and wave rider. He impressed me so much that I requested to interview him. Charlie shares his best vitality secrets and his #1 secret which wasn't at all what I was expecting. This really goes to...

Mar 22, 2019

DNA Scientist and epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar discusses the power Epigenetics and limitless human potential when it comes to healing the body - and beyond! 

In part 1 of this interview with Epigeneticist, Charan Surdhar, we discuss the science of Epigenetics and how we can override our genes / genetic predisposition,...

Jan 29, 2019

Founder Of Primal Play and the author of 3 books; Paleo From A-Z, Paleo Fitness & Animal Moves, Darryl Edwards, delivers a sterling explanation of how movement is key for optimum health and why. From sickness to vitality, Darryl's own story is inspirational and he shares how to make movement FUN as a Movement Coach....